Covid 19 Policy


The safety and well being of our guests at The Venture Centre has always been our top priority.

Given the current situation on the Isle of Man i.e. no community cases of Covid 19 for over 21 days and that the government has removed all restrictions, we feel we are now in a safe position to continue our operations.

As we have large outdoor areas The Venture Centre can be enjoyed safely by visitors if the following measures are adhered to:

Do not enter the site if you or any of  our group have any symptoms of COVID-19 to include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough ,a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste or have been advised to isolate for any reason.

HANDS - We have cleaning and handwashing stations on site. Please use these to clean your hands when coming on site and before after using our equipment.

FACE - The wearing of face masks at our centre is not compulsory visitors and staff are free to make their own decisions regarding this and we will respect your decision.

SPACE -  Most activities take place in the outdoors. Appropriate outdoor clothing will greatly assist with this. Where practical and weather permitting we will use outside areas for dining and for all meetings.  However inside areas remain available.  We will utilise our accommodation as effectively as possible to spread out children in dorms.  This will depend upon the number of guests resident at any given time. We have enhanced our cleaning regime and designed programmes to reduce contact with other groups resident at the centre.

We will monitor the current situation and where necessary alter our operations as appropriate your cooperation with this is appreciated.

We look forward to working with you.