Raft Building

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Raft Building and racing provides a great opportunity to develop team work in a fun and competitive way. The group will be shown basic skills on how to build rafts and then under carefull supervision they will build their own raft and race it on the Lake.

All raft building sessions take place on our sheltered lake at the Mooragh Park in Ramsey. 

Sessions are suitable for all ages and group sizes from 6 – 48 persons. Includes all safety equipment.

Session Duration

1 1/2 hours to 2 hours

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What should I bring/ wear for Raftbuilding?

Please wear comfortable  outdoor clothing for Raftbuilding, no jeans.

You will need to bring some old trainers, wet suit boots or beach shoes to wear on the raft/ in the water. The rest of you 'may' stay dry but your feet will definately get wet. 

Depending upon the weather we may issue wetsuits. It is a good idea to bring shorts or swimming costume and long sleeve top or T shirt to wear under wet suit.

If you wish you can bring your own wet suit

You will also need a full change of clothes, towel and spare shoes. 

How long does the session last?

Session lengths will alter depending on the aims and objectives of the group but usually 1.5-2hrs.

What is the minium age for this activity?

The miminum age for most of our activities is 9. When booking as a family group, or organised youth group,  we can take a lower age but this must be discussed with the centre before booking.